Like its namesake implies, Stellar Fantasies floats in celestial space with synth, organ and machine guided tunes harkening back to old sci-fi soundtracks and cosmic experiments. Known for their baroque psychedelic pop, Tara King th. returns with a solo endeavor from Ray Borneo alongside a few other guest accompaniments. The album is full of driving, grandiose space opera vignettes purposefully fitted alongside quiet kosmiche-inspired drifters. Melodically brilliant as ever, Stellar Fantasies hits that perfect spot between memorable, experimental pop and far out mood pieces.

Tara King th.

Stellar Fantasies



Format CS
Catalog Number MG093
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Orbital Awakening
2. Stellar Journey
3. Aboard the Asterion
4. Landing on Neuron
5. Lady Robot
6. Aïa
7. Robotic Romance

Side B

1. Cosmic Nap
2. Barren Hallucinations
3. Celestial Echoes
4. Zero Gravity
5. Cosmoscillations
6. Between Space and Time
7. Where Eternity Starts

Tara King th.

Ray Borneo


Olivier DePardon
Ray Borneo


Ray Borneo
Steve Rosborough