Henry the Rabbit’s third album Abraham’s Sausage Pot is a mixed casserole of daydreaming psychedelic folk culled from his unreleased archives. Recorded in Copenhagen between 2011 to 2015, the album is full of instrumental reveries about spring time, anchorites, visionary fruits, flowers and bee colonies. Similar to its predecessor, Henry’s sonic palette blooms and flourishes with glockenspiel, strings, ukulele, chimes, egg shakers and percussive household objects. Abraham’s Sausage Pot is an album holding a quiet strength, a comforting coalescence of celestial voices and intimate homespun compositions of personality and gorgeous twinkling beauty.

Henry the Rabbit

Abraham's Sausage Pot



Format CS
Catalog Number MG092
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. March Hare
2. Planet Caravan
3. Road to the Eastern Sea
4. Conjunction Day

Side B

1. Hermit
2. Rose Apple
3. La Colmena

Henry the Rabbit

Craig Martin Wood
Astrid Have
Christina Liljeroth
Fredrik Eckhoff
Mei Bao


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Henry the Rabbit
Steve Rosborough