3 Moons is the experimental duo of Jefferson Zurna and Dena Goldsmith-Stanley currently residing in Oakland, California. A project seeped in psychedelia, busted blues and dark folk, cosmic electronics and the perpetual hunt for the new expression. Moon Glyph is pleased to present their first musical endeavor pressed to vinyl, following many self-released and small run cassettes and CD-Rs.

Astronomy of Dreams is as eclectic and unpredictable as a powerful dream and it is the perfectly condensed survey of 3 Moons’ visionary palette they’ve cultivated for the past three years— harmonic male & female vocals, drifting forms, blasted sonics, psychedelic primordial soup, free-form improvisation and finely executed song-crystallizations are all represented magnificently. The album is a distillation of multiple dimensional reality levels, reflecting back to the celestial mechanisms, symbols and beings of Beyond. It speaks of secret technology, alter-messiahs, aliens, planetary forces and personal magicks.

In “Mars in Phrygian” and “Mercury in Hypophrygian”, ancient Greek musical modes are deployed to invoke useful aspects of these planetary forces, based upon an arcane system of inter-disciplinary correspondences (for additional information, see here). “H.A.A.R.P.” was originally written for a crypto-environmental Vaudevillian paranoid comedy play / folkloric public service announcement put on by a group of radical mutants in Minneapolis (documentation of the performance can be seen here). “This Old Christ” was brought on by a weird encounter with Lee “Scratch” Perry in LA. “Smoke from the Well” takes us into make damaged American ghost conjuring while “Nazi Zuni Lulu Annunaki” might trigger the recovery of lost memories of UFO rides and close encounters. This album is a psychic core sample of a dream planet in some alter-dimensional cosmos here to augment our perspective in this dubious reality.

3 Moons

Astronomy of Dreams



Format LP
Catalog Number MG83
Edition 250 + digital download
Side A

1. Nazi Zuni Lulu Annunaki
2. This Old Christ
3. H.A.A.R.P. (We Milk the Clouds)
4. Mars in Phrygian

Side B

1. Snake from Blood to Sky IV
2. Smoke from the Well
3. Crown of Flowers
4. Mercury in Hypophrygian

3 Moons

Jefferson Zurna
Dena Goldsmith-Stanley

Additional Players

Andy McCormick (A2)
Mike Erwin (B1)


Andy McCormick (A1-A3, B2)
Andy Neubauer (A4, B3, B4)
Mike Erwin (B1)
Timothy Stollenwerk
at Stereophonic Mastering

Cover Painting

Nick Mann
Jefferson Zurna
Steve Rosborough