Geist & the Sacred Ensemble re-emerge from their home in Seattle for their third album, Within. Continuing to evolve their singular craft, Within takes their doom-inflected folk ritualism and expands deeper into a gothic void with stomping, cavernous tunes like “Beyond This Vessel” and patient, meditative vibes as heard on “Sunstruck”. With opener “Ode To A Graey Sky” the group takes a trip across the breadth of their sonics. Beginning with nuanced textures of plucked guitar and rolling cymbal, the tune rips into an otherworldly heaviness, frontman Michael Sauder’s gritty wail leading the lumbering charge. The scope of atmospherics and mood elevates Within into a cohesive, enveloping album like staring straight into the sun and seeing only an eclipse.

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble




Format CS
Catalog Number MG082
Edition 150
Side A

1. Ode To A Graey Sky
2. Sunstruck
3. Through The Winter
4. A Hymn

Side B

1. Beyond This Vessel
2. Late Night Lullaby

Jonathan Deschamps
Daniel Sansone

Trumpet on “Beyond This Vessel”
Musical Saw on “Late Night Lullaby”

Recorded / Mixed

Jeffrey McNulty
Mell Dettmer

Box, Antler, Package art
Photo Edit
Art / Layout

C. Segawa
Laura Hamilton
Aubrey Nehring
Steve Rosborough