Laughing Eye Weeping Eye is the new age/folk duo of Rebecca Schoenecker and Patrick Holbrook, hailing from Chicago. Inspired by her Tarot readings, Rebecca leads us through the arcane symbolism of their new album Once Was You, focusing on the inevitable cycle of change and death. On these recordings, Rebecca contributes her lush vocals from gothic cathedrals and harmoniums played inside secret rooms while Patrick adds organ style keyboard drones, ukelin strings and Turkish spike fiddle. The mundane mixes with the alchemical; the flesh transverses the metaphysical.

Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

Once Was You



Format CS
Catalog Number MG81
Edition 150
Side A

1. Earth
2. Wake
3. Not Thwarted
4. Divining Pool
5. Moirae
6. Scun Dun

Side B

1. Sun Rise
2. Water
3. Almighty Void
4. Sun Set
5. The First Name
6. Sunday Lake

Music Video


Laughing Eye
Weeping Eye

Rebecca Schoenecker
Patrick Holbrook

Recorded / Mixed


Rebecca Schoenecker
except “Scun Dun” by Patrick Holbrook
Collin Gorman Weiland

Design & Layout

Rebecca Schoenecker
Laughing Eye Weeping Eye
Steve Rosborough