Formerly from Chicago and now based in Brooklyn, Calidonia County is the ambient solo project of graphic artist and designer Ian Ferguson. The Ghosted Years was leisurely crafted over the span of two years resulting in organic swelling soundscapes, nuanced compositions and idyllic vistas. It is comprised of layered tones delicately weaving in and around themselves and expanding ever-outward. The purity of form here is its greatest asset, allowing the compositions to breathe and purposefully settle into their own thoughtful tranquility. Moon Glyph is pleased to transport its listeners with The Ghosted Years, the third and final release from Calidonia County.

Calidonia County

The Ghosted Years

Format CS
Catalog Number MG076
Edition 150
Side A

1. Bioluminescence
2. Off in the Distance
3. The Batteries in Gods Hands
4. Ancient Ruins
5. Hollow

Side B

1. Totality
2. Voices of the Sleeping Wolves
3. Ascending from the Stars
4. Old Dinner Money
5. Giardiniera
6. Ghost, Wine, and Dusk

Written, Recorded
and Mastered

Ian Ferguson


Chris Strong
Ian Ferguson
Steve Rosborough