Is/Is are known for their driving, fuzzed-out garage tunes but here, on their latest release Shadow Days, the palette has shifted into hazy, late night loner jams steeped in reverb and a wistful melancholy. The group is comprised of two Sarahs, Rose & Nienaber, who recorded the album in Joshua Tree and at home in Minneapolis, finishing before their relocation to Portland, OR. As a duo with an evident psychic connection, these two craft a delicate, ethereal beauty that runs deep in Rose’s breathy vocals and Nienaber’s languid guitar work. Let its soft power flow over you and give you peace. Moon Glyph is pleased to unveil Shadow Days.


Shadow Days

Format CS
Catalog Number MG074
Edition 150
Side A

1. Before The Stars
2. December
3. Blank Sky

Side B

1. My Time (Taking)
2. Pennant
3. Palmers


Sarah Rose
Sarah Nienaber



above Old Blackberry Way in Minneapolis, MN & Thunderbird Lodge in Joshua Tree, CA (track 4)
Neil Weir
Collin Gorman Weiland
Steve Rosborough