The band Ak’chamel sound like wayfarers surveying the endless terrain, picking up pieces and influences along the way to carve into their own outsider psych tunes and freak-outs. The trio from Houston, Texas feature the members improvising and wandering, allowing their individual experiences and influences to percolate to the surface. These far-away influences include nods to “Thai Molam, North African street folk and South American cumbia…” Eclectic, inspired and free, Moon Glyph is thrilled to release Ak’chamel’s album Lowlands of Hteklum.


Lowlands of Hteklum



Format CS
Catalog Number MG073
Edition 150
Side A

1. Lowlands of Hteklum
2. Ghosts of Phi Am
3. Terror Birds of Kelenken
4. Sumatran Sunset
5. Bruja de Mexico

Side B

1. Yahval Balamil
2. Death is Swallowed in Victory
3. Multicolored Candle Ritual


Collin Gorman Weiland
Steve Rosborough