Sativa Flats took shape in the basement of the Turf Club (St. Paul, MN), known as the Clown Lounge. The space evokes a laid-back midwestern rusticism; wood paneled walls, cheap taxidermy and back-lit forestscapes next to a dimly lit stage. It was here that Chris Rose, Scott Watson, Bennett Johnson & Neil Weir began unfurling their long semi-improvised sets of slow drifting psychedelia. Later recorded at Old Blackberry Way (Weir’s studio) in the winter of 2013, Sativa Flats composed and pared the tunes down for this release, their self-titled debut. Treading the line between new age and dream pop, these stoned journeys consist of spaced-out keyboards, commanding bass leads, languid guitar, dubby melodica and textural electronics all cascading into place. Moon Glyph is thrilled to have a hand in the release of Sativa Flats.

Sativa Flats

Sativa Flats

Format CS
Catalog Number MG072
Edition 150
Side A

1. AmGD
2. Cha Cha
3. Internet
4. Sativa Flats
5. 10cc

Side B

Repeat of Side A

Chris Rose
Scott Watson
Bennett Johnson
Neil Weir

Marie DeBris

Bass, Vocals
Keyboard, Percussion, Melodica
Drum Machine, Guitar, Treatment

Flute on “Sativa Flats & “10cc”

Recorded at
Produced at
Mastered by

Old Blackberry Way
Sativa Flats
Bruce Templeton at Magneto


Steve Rosborough