Geist & the Sacred Ensemble are a collective out of Seattle that forge a doom-inflected folk ritualism; dirges tinged with Eastern psychedelia and meandering meditative trances. The opening track “On the Next Full Moon” patiently builds, evolving Geist’s funeral march into a driving vocal chant accompanied by visceral percussion and thick, swampy riffs. Frontman Michael Sauder sings with a deep and slow delivery, further heightening the groups mystic aspirations and heady sonics. At their greatest, Geist & the Sacred Ensemble’s tunes exist as an ever-changing pilgrimage; transforming their abstract drifts into apocalyptic folk hymns or private confessionals. Moon Glyph is thrilled to release Geist’s latest with Beyond This Vessel.

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble

Beyond This Vessel

Format CS
Catalog Number MG68
Edition 150
Side A

1. On the Next Full Moon
2. Seeker
3. Terraformer
4. Bird Passage

Side B

Repeat of Side A

Samuel Joseph
Daniel Sansone
Jeffery Mcnulty

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Pipe Wrench
Percussion, Gong
Bass, Bowed Bass, Power Drill
Electric Guitar, Feedback Loops
Saw and Bowed Gamelan
Sound collage on “Terraformer”


Jeffery Mcnulty
March 2013

Diorama & Photo
Diorama & Photo

Matt Crosbie
Steve Rosborough