Psychedelic collagist Treasure Hunt returns with his new album Global Guts. It’s a flurry of cascading concepts and fractured melodies; both free and composed, both blissed-out and piercing, both sampled and live. It’s also an abstracted, avant-jazz passage into the frenetic mind of Myles Byrne-Dunhill, the sole proprietor behind these tripped out fever dreams. The unique beauty of Treasure Hunt’s music is found in it’s controlled and understood chaos. Those moments of disbelief watching disparate sonics blossom into labyrinths of vivid colors, intertwined branches and endlessly flowing streams. Moon Glyph is extremely pleased to unveil Global Guts.

Treasure Hunt

Global Guts



Format CS
Catalog Number MG065
Edition 150
Side A

1. Entry / Faerie Dust
2. Smooth Eureka
3. Venus & Mars
4. Contraption De-construction
5. Suction Commencement
6. Deep Spaced

Side B

1. Re-Ascension
2. Plasticine Tropics
3. Visitors
4. The Octopus
5. Yucky Man
6. Pilot Drift

Music Video


Treasure Hunt

Myles Byrne-Dunhill


Steve Rosborough