If Lord Dog Bird’s The Trinity Knot gives the impression of a remote, rustic, and earthen existence, it comes from Colin McCann’s life as a carpenter and musician in the Trinity Mountains of Northern California.

The second LP from the former guitarist of Baltimore’s Wilderness was written in the woods, off the grid, utilizing only the shimmering, droning tones of an old pump organ and the human voice. It is a powerful, dark, spiritual music; a mantric prayer sung in the face of the increasing, psychic warfare of our time; a refuge in an age of total surveillance.

Honing themes from the Lord Dog Bird’s self titled debut on Jagjaguwar, McCann has made a record that is as succint and disciplined as it is urgent. The Trinity Knot of sounds like a sonic glyph harvested from deep within the rocks. A heralding of the ancient secrets that are found there.

Lord Dog Bird

The Trinity Knot



Format LP, CS
Catalog Number MG63
Edition 300 LP / 100 CS
Side A

1. The Myth of the Eternal Return / Out of Our Hands / Human Sacrifice
2. Two Shimmering Stones

Side B

1. The Trinity Knot
2. Spinning Away
3. Clandestine Origins of Light
4. Vanity and Shame

Lord Dog Bird

Colin McCann


Craig Bowen
Pete Lyman


Beth Ferreter
Steve Rosborough