Out of Paris comes Tara King th.’s second release on Moon Glyph, Hirondelle et Beretta. Composed as a soundtrack to their own photographic series, Tara King th. have extended their baroque psychedelic pop sound with the lounge-cool of a spy film. The album’s filled to the brim with moody interludes, suspenseful pulsing passages and plenty of driving pop tunes befit of the accompanying noir visuals. With this broadened scope comes additional palettes and Hirondelle et Beretta is comprised of organs, clarinets, flutes, upright bass, harpsichord, bells, soft synths and plenty of otherworldly textures. Tara King th. are a tireless group, consistently expanding their compositional and melodic prowess and Hirondelle et Beretta showcases a fully-realized group at play.

Tara King th.

Hirondelle et Beretta

Format CS
Catalog Number MG62
Edition 150
Side A

1. Le Matin d’Hirondelle
2. L’Envol
3. Service Sans Interruption
4. Le Patron
5. Drole D’Oiseau
6. L’Objet
7. L’Enquete
8. La Ruine
9. Mutuelle Apprehension

Side B

1. Mutuelle Appreciation
2. L’Oiseau S’Est Envoié
3. La Vie Continue
4. Vague A L’Ame
5. Si Tu L’Aimes Prends Le…
6. Et Puis Merde.
7. Allez!
8. Il En Aura Fallu Du Temps
9. Voila.


Tara King th.
Steve Rosborough