Clipd Beaks continue on their decade-long saga with the dark psychedelia of Lost Offerings. Fearless as ever, this EP stretches across canyons of crunching guitars, noise-splashed euphoria and plenty of sublime drifting over the course of it’s four tunes. Recorded at White Rock in West Oakland with a heavy emphasis on recreating their dense, live sound in all of its haze and immediacy. Clipd Beaks have refined their cacophony into something with the dynamics of a prog band but the melodic sense of a pop band. And while it’s tempting to affix a ‘post’ onto any genre they touch; in the end, Clipd Beaks are singularly their own. Moon Glyph is excited to unveil their latest in Lost Offerings.

Clipd Beaks

Lost Offerings



Format CS
Catalog Number MG61
Edition 150
Side A

1. Womb to Tomb
2. Black Vacuum

Side B

1. All Ways Closer
2. Tied Sky

Clipd Beaks

Nick Barbeln
Scott Ecklein
Ray Benjamin
Nick Stone
Stefan Wicks


Audible Oddities


Steve Rosborough