We live our lives in transition. The constant flux of time, energy and progress. Chris Farstad, a core member of Minneapolis collective Food Pyramid, imparts that experience into his debut solo album, Solar Express. Exploring the tension between new age escapism and kinetic momentum, wielding psychic armor of pure laughter to disarm power and usher in new stories, the results are an album of dynamic exploration manifested as a synthesized fantasy of ambient environments, colliding percussion and time-based electronic composition. Moon Glyph is proud to deliver the voice and unique vision of 555′s Solar Express.


Solar Express

Format CS
Catalog Number MG59
Edition 150
Side A

1. Rainbow Death
2. Ultralight Survey Malfunction
3. Mirror Paint Heatstroke
4. Poor Tide Judgment

Side B

1. IED Intercept
2. CW Celphei Casualty
3. Bowhunting Accident

Time Architect

Chris Farstad


January 2013 CE
New Orleans, LA


Steve Rosborough