Out in Copenhagen, Halasan Bazar’s drummer was baptized Henry the Rabbit. Under this moniker he now crafts a unique instrumental environment, one he calls psychedelic ukulele skiffle. The circular plucking and evolving melodies consist of ukulele, glockenspiel, shakers, organ and whatever other ephemera befit the tunes. Time flows like water and the melodic passages on Earthen Birth By embody that ne’erending, babbling stream. Following his self-released debut, this is a fresh collection with an expanded palette of harmonic vocalizations, whistles and the occasional tape echo. The sleeve is adorned with the artist’s linocuts written in a language of cryptic mysticism befit of the hazy vignettes within. Moon Glyph is pleased to reveal the newest from Henry the Rabbit.

Henry the Rabbit

Earthen Birth By



Format CS
Catalog Number MG58
Edition 150
Side A

1. Black Tortoise of the North
2. Henry the Rabbi
3. Rabbit Hole
4. Luna’s Gift
5. Balcony

Side B

1. Tripitaka
2. Easter (Part 2)
3. Cellar
4. By Earthen Birth

Craig Martin Wood
Fredrik Eckhoff
Christina Liljeroth
Harald Holst
Astrid Have

Everything else
Organ/Vocals/Whistle on A1, A4
Vocals on A1, A4
Electric Guitar on A1
Extra Vocals on B3


Fredrik Eckhoff


Henry the Rabbit
Steve Rosborough