With a fire in their belly and a fist in the air, The Non Travellin’ Band of Madison, Wisconsin unleash their debut recordings as Never Prayed Once. Recorded live, the band evokes a classic American-bred psychedelia; the kind of tattered flags, discarded joints and El Caminos. Held together by the three minds of Lue, Brother Joseph and Dead Luke, the songs consist of stomping drums, ragged vocals, fuzzed-out grooves and explosive solos. The Non Travellin’ Band are as effortlessly infectious as they are daring, volatile, conscious and free. Never Prayed Once has shown us the light, and by god, is it beautiful.

The Non Travellin' Band

Never Prayed Once

Format CS
Catalog Number MG057
Edition 150
Side A

1. A Midnight Ride
2. Holy Interrogation
3. One Penny Too Many
4. Two Hands Full of Fingers

Side B

1. Pocket Full of Miracles
2. Paris Green and Morphine
3. Hallways to All Ways
4. Under God’s Son

Music Video

“Two Hands Full of Fingers”

Lue Lueck
Brother Joseph Tucci
Dead Luke

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Electric Guitar

Recorded live


Bobby Hussy at Heaven’s Employee Parking Lot
Collin Gorman Weiland


Steve Rosborough