Shambhala, the debut release from Erros Mágicos has been underway since 2011 & since that time this side project to Magic Castles has mutated and morphed into an endlessly radiant pop soundscape. Songwriter Jason Edmonds, infused with a collaborative spirit, brings together the creative forces of eight revolving musicians to form their jangling, jungle-pop sound. Decidedly a suite of coalesced forms, the tunes here are comprised of guitar, bass, synth/keyboards, all manners of percussion, flute, four voices & a myriad of field recordings. As told by them, this collection came into being from “open minds, spare times, mild-depression, friends & Casio keyboards” & here at Moon Glyph we couldn’t be more thrilled to pass their journey to Shambhala, the city under the mountains, along to you.

Erros Mágicos


Format CS
Catalog Number MG56
Edition 150
Side A

1. Verão Está Aquí
2. Aves da Cidade

Side B

1. Ensolarado
2. C’est Tout Noir

Jason Edmonds

Marie DeBris
Jeremiah Doering
Paul Fuglestad
Scott Weller
Alex Yambrick

Christopher Hontos
Jim Pfeffer

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
Vocals, Keyboards, Flute, Percussion
Guitars, Vocals
Bass on “C’est Tout Noir”
Drums on “C’est Tout Noir”
Creepy Portuguese harbinger of doom vocals on “Aves da Cidade”, Brazilian football chant on “C’est Tout Noir”
Synth on “Ensolarado”
Sound collages


Collin Gorman Weiland


Steve Rosborough