Returning from last year’s gorgeous San Clemente release is FWY!’s next slowmo coastal drift, Any Exit. Pushing his minimalist palette, San Francisco’s Edmund Xavier crafts with drum machines, aqueous soft-synths, submerged bass lines & endlessly bright melodies. ¬†As a transient passenger, we watch Any Exit bloom with understated movements and intoxicating grooves; complemented by Xavier’s organic aesthetic and laid-back composition (both visually and aurally). On this more diverse affair, Xavier is equally comfortable with the bass-lead dynamism of “Exit Downtown” and the ambient fallout of “Irvine’s” sublime latter half. On Moon Glyph’s fifty-fourth release, we present FWY!’s singular trajectory and his most expansive vistas yet on Any Exit.


Any Exit

Format CS
Catalog Number MG54
Edition 150
Side A

1. Any Exit (Anywhere)
2. Irvine
3. Exit Downtown

Side B

1. 710 Again
2. Orange Circle
3. Sepulveda
4. Garden Grove
5. Pink Dust

Edmund Xavier
Young Moon

Sounds & Collages
Bass on “Irvine”


Steve Rosborough