Depicted here is the raised hand of an obscured preacher, hovering above rows of urban housing. A striking concept that runs deep into the fervor and punk ethos that M. Sage has been cultivating via ambient and sound collage for years. For the uninitiated, M. Sage is a man out of Fort Collins who crafts grand, aural impressions while simultaneously running his exceptional imprint Patient Sounds. His most recent work and Moon Glyph debut is “The Receivers Peaking”, a conceptual and auditory abstraction of AM radio clips, looped field recordings, processed guitar and serene, pensive composition. As a progressive and prolific worker, M. Sage deconstructs our surroundings and shows us his shimmering utopia that could have been.

M. Sage

The Receivers Peaking

Format CS
Catalog Number MG51
Edition 150
Side A

1. Radio Slope (for: Whitcomb)
2. Fuji Station: Confines of Time
3. Campaign Cycles / Harrowing Straits

Side B

1. Ritual Ashes (for: B. Brady)
2. The Apocryphal Atlases
3. An Angle of Grain

Andrew Waltman
Allison Sheldon

Electric double bass
Cello on ‘Campaign Cycles’


The Briar Plateaux
Fort Collins, Colorado
July – October 2012


Steve Rosborough