With a swirling baroque fervor, Tara King th. reveal “Uncolored Past (Part I & II)”. Released in conjunction as two companion EPs, “Uncolored Past” crafts a wide swath of Parisian psychedelic pop held together by Beatrice’s spell-inducing vocals. It combines a Super 8 style of glowing warmth, a spaghetti-western drive & nuanced, succulent instrumentation – ranging from Farfisa organs, flutes, harpsichords, soft strings, vibes & a bevy of synthesized keys. On “Long Time No See” the group harnesses their penchant for contemplative songwriting & their truly blissful melodic scope. With great adoration, Moon Glyph is pleased to release Tara King th’s newest pop incantation.

Tara King th.

Uncolored Past (Part I & II)

Format CS
Catalog Number MG049
Edition 150
Side A

1. The Hum & the Hiss
2. Slow Quest & Misery
3. Hole of Birds
4. Uncolored Past

Side B

1. Magnetic Bounds
2. The Drunk & the Bliss
3. Long Time No See
4. Flamingo

Music Video

“Magnetic Bounds”
by Sebastien Tixier & Arnaud Boyer

Tara King th.

Beatrice Morel-Journel
Arnaud Boyer
Alexis Morel
Josselin Varengo

Recorded / Mastered

Ray Borneo

Art / Layout

Steve Rosborough