Following last years “Meanwhile… In The Midwest” LP, Dead Luke returns with his newest creation of blazed visions, murky blues riffs & deep fuzz with a cassette christened “God Takes LSD”. After the tab hits your tongue, the hues of opener “Oh My Lord Can’t Help” bloom with a rich psychedelic tapestry. Humbly beginning with a slow bass groove to ultimately peak as vocals loop and the guitars are set ablaze. Complementary to this is “I Loved”, a sunny pop tune with double-backed vocals & a jangled garage force. Eclectic by nature, “God Takes LSD” pulls out the stops with a ferocious live jaunt, trippy synth fields, atheist jams & barn-burning renditions of future-classics. Under the star-spangled midnight sky, Dead Luke salutes you.

Dead Luke

God Takes LSD

Format CS
Catalog Number MG47
Edition 150
Side A

1. Oh My Lord Can’t Help
2. Bad Little Woman (Live)
3. Jesus Fucking Christ
4. And On The Eighth Day, God Took LSD
5. I Stepped Into A Light, I Got Into A Fight
6. Hipster Trash Genocide

Side B

1. God Of Nothing (Reprise)
2. If You Love Me
3. There’s No Revolution
4. I Loved
5. (Baby) Bring It Home (Come Down Version)
6. Love Is Strange

Cheyanne Cyr
Lue Lueck


Max Elliott



Jeff Rambert
Benjamin Nelson
Joey Tucci
Dead Luke

Tambourine, Backing Vocals
Acoustic Guitar on “Bad Little Woman” and Vocals on “I Loved”
Drums on “Bad Little Woman” and Acoustic Guitar on “There’s No Revolution”
Bass VI on “Bad Little Woman”
Drums on “There’s No Revolution”
Drums on “Bad Little Woman”
Everything Else


Collin Gorman Weiland


Steve Rosborough