Surfacing from Copenhagen comes the baroque psychedelia of Halasan Bazar. Fronted by the wistful crooning & natural songwriting of Fredrik Rollum Eckhoff, the group builds dreamy, pastoral tunes sonically fitted between ’60s folk, AM pop & heaven-gazing psych. Armed with an abundance of instruments & sonics, the complex soundscapes of “How To Be Ever Happy” explore themes of alienation, love & the inner-battle.
The slow, strumming genesis of “Figure It Out” matures into a blossoming of circular guitars & deep-seated hooks. On an album of ne’er-ending gems, “Mountaintops” stands out with its lush arrangements, sun-kissed guitars & infectious, buoyant harmonies. A brilliant new voice is here in Halasan Bazar & “How To Be Ever Happy” marks their great metamorphosis.

Halasan Bazar

How To Be Ever Happy

Format CS
Catalog Number MG46
Edition 150
Side A

1. Magic Clouds
2. Shine Away
3. Scroll Down
4. When The Birds Hit The Spaceship It Sounded Like This
5. Go Out In Joy
6. Mountaintops
7. Snag

Side B

1. Figure It Out
2. This Time
3. Family Lies
4. Tin Foiled
5. Scurvy
6. Soul Overboard

Music Video

Henry The Rabbit

Halasan Bazar

Fredrik Rollum Eckhoff
Christian Hank Jørgensen
Craig Martin Wood
Jakob Eriksen˚
Carl Coleman˚


Ashley Youett †
Christian Jacobsen †

˚ Not on this album
† On this album


Mixed & Produced


Mads Brinch Nielsen & Peter Iversen at Victoria Studios
Mads Brinch Nielsen &  Fredrik Rollum Eckhoff
Thomas Holm at Lundgaard Studios


Steve Rosborough