From a heavenly body appears “Globe Master”, the second full-length from Minneapolis sci-fi garage quartet Leisure Birds. Executed as a concept record “Globe Master” follows the journey of an unknown entity from the outermost dimensions of the galaxy to its eventual fall & transcendence to Earth. Enter the “Silver Runner”, the namesake of the entity’s mode of transport, which begins the pilgrimage with a propulsion of synthetic loops, skyward keys & slinking bass lines. Expansive in scope, we encounter the deep-distant desert jam of “Egyptian Ring”, the sublime, harkening call of “Osiris” & the powerfully cosmic, heady whirl of the finale, “Globe Master”. “Sonvs Universvm”, the 7″ epilogue, presents an array of planetary tones in remembrance of our being’s journey. On our 45th release Moon Glyph is ecstatic to unveil Leisure Bird’s grand evolution. “Ceres Fall. Saturn Shatter. Fall To Earth. Rise Globe Master.”

Leisure Birds

Globe Master

LP + 7"


Format LP + 7"
Catalog Number MG45
Edition 500 + digital download
Side A

1. SETI Signals
2. Silver Runner
3. Egyptian Ring
4. Silk Road

Side B

1. Rediscovery Of Man Pt. I
2. Rediscovery Of Man Pt. II & III
3. Guardians Of Time
4. Osiris
5. Globe Master

Music Video

“SETI Signals” (edit)
by Ben Marcus 

Leisure Birds

Jake Luck
Collin Gorman Weiland
Alex Achen
Cory Carlson

Engineered & Mixed

N. Weir at Old Blackberry Way
C. Weiland at Yeti Records
J. Luck & C. Weiland


J. Luck
S. Rosborough