Following a split 7″ and a trilogy of defining cassettes, Food Pyramid emerges with their debut full-length LP, “Mango Sunrise”. A tireless Minneapolis trio, the three members (C. Farstak, C. Hontona and M. Weather) collaborate to materialize synthesized monoliths; ranging from percolating, ambient rivers to various weirdo strains of dancehall jams. “Mango Sunrise” is an eclectic and spanning look into their overall aesthetic headspace. It conjures movements of kosmische-propelled euphoria, deep-space house and even their style of affected future-dub. On tunes like “Orange Alert” and “Oh Mercy”, we find the trio drifting into druggy long-form dance grooves alongside rippling psych guitar and a bewildering saxophone. As much of a refined culmination as it is a hard step forward in their ever-evolving sonics, “Mango Sunrise” has arrived with all the majestic grandeur its title evokes.

Food Pyramid

Mango Sunrise



Format LP, CD
Catalog Number MG42
Edition 500 / 500 + digital download
Side A

1. Mango Sunrise
2. Who Careosel
3. Orange Alert
4. Oh Mercy
5. The Thief

Side B

1. Burger Night (Version)
2. Cosmo Canyon
3. I Know What I Saw
4. Extender

Food Pyramid

C. Farstak
C. Hontona
M. Weather


Collin Gorman Weiland


C. Hontona
Steve Rosborough