Lunar Miasma is the moniker of Panos Alexiadis, hailing from Athens, Greece, who has a penchant for deep space, blissful ambience & nuanced meditation. Composed and documented in the late autumn of 2011,  ”Observing The Universe” is an exploratory synthesized trek comprised of carefully arranged drones, soft arpeggiations and a honed approach to its overall melodic soundscape. Panos’ futurist mind unbound by conventional pragmatism would rather dream of our inevitable residence on interstellar biospheres soundtracked by his lush, utopic vision.

Lunar Miasma

Observing The Universe

Format CS
Catalog Number MG041
Edition 150
Side A

1. Infinite
2. Expanded Dimension

Side B

1. Expanded Dimension II
2. Observing The Universe

Panos Alexiadis



October – November 2011
Athens, Greece


Steve Rosborough