For our 40th release, we are pleased to bring together two synth masterminds and mutual admirers, Xander Harris & Dylan Ettinger. Their split 7” begins energetically, popping off with Xander Harris’ cut, “The Driver”. The pulsating, eruptive synths make this a perfectly danceable tune if you weren’t busy accelerating through a neon-outlined metropolis, wreaking gleeful havoc along the way. As the high-speed pursuit comes to a close, we are greeted to Dylan Ettinger’s more methodical, more insidious cadence of the flip-side “Tipoff”. There’s a surreal whirring and blur afoot on the synth-work which is reinforced by his ominous, otherworldly incantations. Together, Harris and Ettinger present dual-sides of synthetic, pixelated violence in all its gratuitous glory.

Xander Harris / Dylan Ettinger

The Driver / Tipoff

Split 7"


Format Split 7"
Catalog Number MG40
Edition 500
Side A

Xander Harris – “The Driver”

Side B

Dylan Ettinger – “Tipoff”

Xander Harris
Dylan Ettinger



Steve Rosborough