At a contemplative pace, Angel Eyes (Melbourne’s Andrew Cowie) invites the freaks into his distinctly lush and warbled mirage. Spelunking into his technicolor cave reveals slow-burnt loner jams; woozy alien synths atop tripping drum machines. “Vice to Vice”, his sophomore release, utilizes pensive melodicism and droned-out pop to navigate this singular terrain. Angel Eyes is a unique voice in a sea of many, harnessing the transportive qualities of the best ambient music alongside the dysmorphic pop of codeine dreams.

Angel Eyes

Vice to Vice

Format CS
Catalog Number MG038
Edition 150
Side A

1. Tastes of Kindness
2. Off The Floor
3. Flicked Bottle Tops

Side B

1. Starter Engine Down
2. Garbage Rummager
3. Spine With Lime


Andrew Cowie


Suzanne Pfutzenreuter