Hailing from NJ/NY, The New Lines are a special breed of sound-conjurers; as dexterous with their space age pop as they are with their effervescent and drifting interludes. That knack for infectious melody is complemented by sonics that balance on the line between influence and progression, harnessing the wonder and psychedelic density of library records or occult film soundtracks. The splendor of “La Réciprocité” comes from its naturalistic fluidity; the splashes of guitar color atop spectral overpouring synths and gently crashing symbols. Following their fabulous debut LP, a single & split 7″ with Still Corners, Moon Glyph is very proud to set free their new EP, “Witches’ Milk”.

The New Lines

Witches' Milk

Format CS
Catalog Number MG036
Edition 150
Side A

1. Triage
2. Witches’ Milk 1
3. La Réciprocité
4. Infernal Lands
5. Witches’ Milk 2

Side B

1. Prodigal Son
2. Bayonet Constitution
3. Witches’ Milk 3
4. Ouroboros
5. Nakagawa
6. Witches’ Milk 4

Hewson Chen

Michael Donofrio

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Mattson Mini Modular Synth
Drums, Guitar, Bass, EMS Synthi A, Korg MS-20

Celeste Alexander

Vocals on B5


Steve Rosborough