Alex Gray is a man who’s been burning up the west coast with his subtle & euphoric psychedelics, either alongside Sun Araw or in his solo project, Deep Magic. For Moon Glyph’s 35th release we’re pleased to liberate Deep Magic’s nuanced drifting as a cassette entitled “Altars of Veneration”. Recorded at home in Los Angeles, “Altars” consists of the kind of wide-eyed panoramic ambience usually reserved for introspective & naturalistic time/space films. Infused with Gray’s particular sense of spatial relations, he fills his multi-colored spheres with flickering synths, glossy bottomless guitar ripples & shaded, abstract loops. Rapturous in its execution & cleansing for the spirit “Altars of Veneration” is a life-affirming, intimate expression of our universal vision.

Deep Magic

Altars of Veneration

Format CS
Catalog Number MG35
Edition 150
Side A

1. Untitled I
2. Untitled II
3. Untitled III

Side B

1. Untitled IV
2. Untitled V
3. Untitled VI

Alex Gray

Guitar, Voice, Synthesizers


Steve Rosborough