With his first Moon Glyph release, Roy Orb D.MT. beckons you to a peaceful, pleasurable synthetic journey. A certified practitioner with countless years of metaphysical therapy, Roy gives great attention to the hues and textures he prescribes, conjuring sonic salves to balance body and soul alike. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and drift away as Oberheim soundwaves carry you to realms of health and wholeness heretofore unimagined. Admittedly no sorcerer, but certainly no common “doctor”, Roy Orb D.MT. materializes healing tones for ailing minds.

Roy Orb D.MT.

Doctor of Metaphysical Healing

Format CS
Catalog Number MG034
Edition 150
Side A

1. Kolibri Song
2. Intra Ecstasy
3. Breathing
4. Sitting Boats

Side B

1. Tri-Banda
2. Spoken Prema
3. Trans Light
4. Higher Octave

Roy Orb D.MT.


Recorded live

Nicollet Park Recording Services


Steve Rosborough