Few pairings are as intuitive & fulfilling as the synthesized monoliths of Food Pyramid & Deep Earth. For Food Pyramid’s first tune on vinyl, “Kollider” perfects their crescendo. They’ve coalesced the insistent beat of Chicago house with an otherworldly fuzzed-out guitar to ultimately finalize its mass with a glorious percussive smear. Deep Earth’s side, “Kontraband”, relies upon sleek movements & heady atmospherics to conjure a new glossy noir. Moon Glyph is pleased to present their parallel works released in unison on “Kollider / Kontraband”.

Food Pyramid / Deep Earth

Kollider / Kontraband

Split 7"


Format Split 7"
Catalog Number MG33
Edition 500
Side A

Food Pyramid – “Kollider”

Side B

Deep Earth – “Kontraband”

Food Pyramid

C. Farstak
C. Hontona
M. Weather

Deep Earth

J. Shaver
O. Junker
T. Janas


Steve Rosborough