Amidst pilfering of collective bargaining rights, the storming of public buildings in union protests, and subsequent recalls of elected officials, a bubbling of proletariat discontent in Madison, WI has shed light on a region of the country often overlooked. Emerging from this unrest comes Dead Luke’s second full length and first Moon Glyph release, “Meanwhile… In The Midwest”, which takes the portentously hazy half-songs contained within his debut LP and solidifies them into a raw, lysergic-crystalline acid cocoon. In the album’s final moments we are greeted to the triumphant drifting of “Endless High,” a fuzzed-out call to arms for the No Coast. On “God Of Nothing” Luke conjures a hymnal drone of weaving elements peaking into a self-contained nihilist jam. While harkening back to the nebulous “American Haircut”, Luke now unleashes his vexed voice in parallel with a movement currently percolating to a once apathetic surface.

Dead Luke

Meanwhile... In The Midwest



Format LP
Catalog Number MG31
Edition 500 + digital download
Side A

1. (Baby) Bring It Home (All The Way)
2. God Of Nothing
3. Cheyanne
4. All Before Me Coming Undone
5. I’m A Man

Side B

1. Paranoia Is A Flower Of The Mind
2. Take My Hand
3. Endless High

Chad Lueck
Benjamin Nelson
Cheyanne Cyr

Dead Luke

Additional Percussion on “I’m A Man”
Additional Percussion on “Endless High”
Everything Else


Collin Gorman Weiland

Cover Photo
Back Cover

Drew Cyr
Ryan Garbes
Steve Rosborough