Slow gauze of eternal hypo-presence is the ultimate microwave ooze that settles post-plastic baking. Seems this vibe was in the thick air of the basement Radical Cemetery laid this set of tunes down in, a murky, deeply retro-active wormhole where deposits of alkaline and asbestos brew in a coldrun of familiarity. Lurking in the shadows of doom sludge, “N.N.E.” represents a wholly defiant concoction, as indebted to the harsh realities of “Dopesmoker,” as it is the sentient mist of a screwed free jazz.

Radical Cemetery




Format CS
Catalog Number MG030
Edition 150
Side A

1. Col. Highs & Major Stone : Tough Habbits Die Hardest (Feat: A Vengeance)
2. The First Journey Under The Sea With Radical Cemetery
3. Aaliyah
4. Wind Chimera / Winged Camaro
5. Black Lodge RIP

Side B

1. Slow Jam For The Badlands
2. Black Hawks Down
3. Nice RVINS
4. From Musk To Drefog
5. Concrete Dunks / Heat Distortion

Music Video

Radical Cemetary


Eric Carlson