“Demo 2004″ is exactly what it says– a series of songs Steve Moore recorded in his home before the release of Zombi’s “Cosmos”. In collecting the batch, Moore said, “I never gave any thought to releasing them. I liked the idea of keeping them for myself.”

In turn, the near and dear six-track collection provides both never before seen insight into Moore’s optic developments, and also foreshadowes the breadth of his peripheral vision. Appropriately, the song titles are apt descriptors of various synthetic moods and motif’s Moore moves within– “Depths of Earth”, “Lonely Prophet”, “High Fantasy”, and “Underwater World” & “Cepheid”, both of which were re-worked and issued on later releases. Each inhabits a specific realm of synthesis– from core-burning drone, to subliminal bewildermeant, to wave-relics from the era of cold fusion, it’s all here. An intimate look at, and pre-requisite in the historical evolution of, a modern day synth commander.

Steve Moore

Demo 2004

Format CS
Catalog Number MG29
Edition 150
Side A

1. Depths Of The Earth
2. Underwater Worlds (Version 2)
3. The Hospital

Side B

1. Lonely Prophet
2. Cepheid (Original Version)
3. High Fantasy

Steve Moore

Sequential Circtuis Pro One & Prophet 600, Korg Polysix & Electribe ER-1, GForce M-Tron, Alesis MMT-8


2004 in Pittsburgh, PA
Boss BR-8, iMac PowerPC G3 600Mhz, MOTU 828


Steve Rosborough