Geometric minimalism is an inherent component in synthesist Dylan Ettinger’s latest release, “Pattern Recursion” – a collection of side-long scapes produced using solely square wave forms. A work as indebted to concept, as it is enabled by it, Ettinger’s square precession is largely based on his connection with analogue machines–specifically, a Moog Rogue, Korg Poly 61 and Funkhouser 1. In turn, “Pattern Recursion” is machinist music for the 21st century, replacing mammal intuition with mechanical ingenuity to create a wholly new definition of “computer musick.”

Dylan Ettinger

Pattern Recursion

Format CS
Catalog Number MG28
Edition 150
Side A


Side B

Nand Gate

Dylan Ettinger

Moog Rogue, Korg Poly 61 & Funkhouser 1 oscillator


Soup’s Up, March 2011


Steve Rosborough