Bringing their trilogy to completion, Food Pyramid’s latest cassette for Moon Glyph, “III” captures the trio at their most sweeping – inviting fourth and fifth members into the mix and adding an array of sensations to their palette of kosmsiche-inspired compositions. Having played out consistently for a year or so, “III” is a recorded portrait of the group performing at an invigorated level of adventurousness. Note the arpeggiated guitars on “Last Light” and “Last Shuttle to the Red Planet,” “Cycloscope”‘s synth-euphorics and the unbridled sax- and piano-playing in the album’s final moments. On display is a duality that owes much to the group’s improvisational core: this collection of tracks serves not only as a summation of the first two records, but also as a gaze into Food Pyramid’s future.

Food Pyramid


Format CS
Catalog Number MG27
Edition 200 + download
Side A

1. E-Harmony
2. Last Light
3. The Soul Of The Gila Monster

Side B

1. Cycloscope
2. Last Shuttle To The Red Planet
3. Eulogy For Lee Marvin / Another Round On The Outer Rings

Music Video

Last Shuttle To The Red Planet
Katelyn Reece Farstad


Steve Rosborough