On a crest of rising action, Deep Earth’s “House of Mighty” is indeed a structure built with substantial materials. Based in Chicago, the trio engage synthesized soundscapes which expand and expound over a syncopated groove. With guitar and live drum fortification the band realizes a cinematic heaviness that goes beyond the slight elettronico leanings. Subverting the ear, the band never builds to a climax of bombast or decoration, opting instead for sophisticated maneuvers above an adamant percussion that achieve an ascending tension.

Deep Earth

House of Mighty

Format CS
Catalog Number MG26
Edition 150
Side A

1. House of Mighty I
2. Speak My Language

Side B

1. House of Mighty II
2. Mantic Torch

Music Video

House of Mighty II
Ben Marcus

James Shaver
Tony Janas
Otto Junker

Bass, Vocals, Sequencing
Synthesizer, Modular Synthesizer
Guitar, Drums


Steve Rosborough