“I can see you very clearly from here,” Daniel says between songs on “Ultraterrestrial Harvest Hymns”, his voice a whisper under a hoarfrost of tape sound. As a synecdoche, the moment demonstrates the album’s extra-aural qualities, making sound beyond sound, pushing statements beyond artifice. Moon Glyph is honored to present to the listeners Higgs’ latest (MG25), an album of maundering banjo ragas, paeans, carols and canticles. There’s also a didgeridoo at one point. A shambolic drum machine, as well. Throughout runs its creator’s oftentimes overlooked mirth, a reverent and theandric mirth threaded into heirloom melodies and proclamations that sound neither bumptious nor inauthentic, but dutiful and vatic. An hour in length, “Ultraterrestrial Harvest Hymns”, was recorded directly to tape in Northern California, Autumn 2010 and “is offered unto The Divine.”

Daniel Higgs

Ultraterrestrial Harvest Hymns

Format CS
Catalog Number MG25
Edition 500
Side A

1. He

Side B

1. She


Daniel Higgs
Steve Rosborough