Entitled simply “II”, Food Pyramid’s second release for Moon Glyph might be viewed as an extenuation of their debut cassette, which the release both is and isn’t. Having introduced the listener to their long-form template and insistent beat, Food Pyramid find themselves in a place to experiment. Jettisoning any “live” touches from their sound this time around (i.e. the saxophone and guitar), “II” is a pure expression of the band’s electronic angle. Preserving the propulsion they established on their previous record, Food Pyramid commingles its strength for drawn-out melody lines with a more spirited handling of the repeater and delay dials.

Food Pyramid


Format CS
Catalog Number MG22
Edition 150
Side A

1. Cloudscape
2. Cruisin’
3. Underwater Temple Explorations #4
4. Club Trip

Side B

1. Borbangnadyr
2. Mind Melter

Music Video

Suzanne Pfutzenreuter


Steve Rosborough