If Camden’s last outing, “Songs of Devotion”, asked a lot of its listeners, “Living Image” is a great pay-off – albeit a pay-off on Camden’s Cole Weiland’s own terms. The noise-layer signifiers of a Camden release remain, but every characteristic impacts on a richer, more textural level. Above a generative percussion, Weiland smears each song with a stratum of aberrant synth lines and grotty tape loops over which he adds his boldest and most crepitative vocalizations yet. The outcome: the sound of wild electricity being manipulated with a deft hand.


Living Image

Format CS
Catalog Number MG21
Edition 150
Side A

1. Living Image
2. Rules of Order
3. I Am Still Cold

Side B

1. Truth Given
2. Changing Silhouette
3. Death Benefit
4. Bloodloss

C. Weiland

Vocals & Electronics


Love Jail


Steve Rosborough