“Warmy Girls”, Velvet Davenport’s third release with Moon Glyph, locates the band’s sonic architect and chief songwriter Parker Sprout displaying a rainbow of talents – talents only winked at on previous, briefer releases. Recorded in Sprout’s apartment studio last winter, the album became an effervescent brew of guitar-and-organ character sketches. Named after a feeling of affection and love, “Warmy Girls” is populated with men and women in a manner reminiscent of Ray Davies’ best Kink songs. The music itself is also well-populated – featuring more players per song than any of Velvet Davenport’s previous outings. The result: a collection of tunes Sprout has been preparing his listeners for since he began releasing music. Layered on a four-tracker, the sounds gambol and flit, trip and shimmer beneath a mélange of bright-eyed vocal harmonies. Each of the twelve songs is an illustration of the group’s mushrooming confidence in their craft – a warmy patchwork of reclaimed riffs, wily lyrics and a tangle of ideas that surprise on first listen and reward with every return.

Velvet Davenport

Warmy Girls



Format LP
Catalog Number MG020
Edition 500 white vinyl + download
Side A

1. Mystery Michael
2. Triangle Pear
3. Lilly Girl
4. Flying Girl
5. Run Faster Lady
6. Bonny Brooks

Side B

1. John Errand Hair
2. Mrs. D
3. Warmy Personal Routine
4. Lovely Lady Lynn
5. Green Life
6. Druid Song

Music Video

Mystery Michael
Tomas Aksamit

Parker Sprout
Tomas Aksamit
Aaron Baum
Jonathan Kennedy
Pat Kessler
Samuel Cramer

Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Organ
Guitar, Bass, Vocal
Organ, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Guitar, Vocal
Bass, Vocal


Parker Sprout
Steve Rosborough