Food Pyramid’s debut “I” is an operation of sublime dilation. Over an ostinato beat, the Minneapolis trio introduces motifs that expand, refine and clarify in the course of a song. Each composition is a practice of subtle initiation: the swells are foreshadowed by stray airs that repeat, a rarified saxophone dances around the jam’s heart, impressionist synth lines lead the listener deeper into the Food Pyramid experience, an album that is as cerebral as it is intuitive. Here, there are earphone moments and party moments and highway moments in a way that never panders. Taken as a whole, “I” is an insistently joyful and cohesive introduction to a band that would like to introduce the listener to an array of alluring concepts.

Food Pyramid


Format CS
Catalog Number MG19
Edition 150
Side A

1. The Sundance Kid
2. Nighttiming Endless 1938

Side B

1. Southside Blacktop Beat
2. Lesbian Seagull
3. Das Tier? Die Autobahn? Die Brunnen?
4. Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset


Steve Rosborough