Lee Noble’s “Our Star, the Sun” marks Moon Glyph’s eighteenth release. Recorded in his Los Angeles bedroom, Noble’s album is an epic drone encounter with big concepts as well as an expansive emotional spectrum. Implementing an array of instruments such as harmonium, korg ms-10, and guitar, the songs spiral around a notion the instrumentalist describes as “leaving small memories behind when you look at the scale of the universe” – really one of many touchstones of inspiration cited by Noble himself. By gerrymandering passages of subtle catharsis out of alienating tones, “Our Star, the Sun” is a consummate performance that supports and sustains Noble’s complex themes.

Lee Noble

Our Star, The Sun

Format CS
Catalog Number MG018
Edition 150
Side A

1. Power of Ten
2. Lacy Park

Side B

1. 794-9065
2. Ringed Behemoth
3. Life Under A Double Sun
4. Windswept Wasteland

Lee Noble

Korg MS-10, Moog Source, Casio Sk-1, Harmonium, Guitar, Tapes, Voice


Steve Rosborough