Given the levels of precision present on this outing by Tender Meat, we must state that, yes, “Live At the Ritz (The Ritz on the Fritz)” is what it says it is – a live recording. Recorded straight to the board on 29 May 2010, LATR(TROTF) is as a much a document of the evening as it is testament to the dense, rapid-fire musical dialogue that occurs between the instrumentalists, (Andy Fritz: korg electribe sx, sequential circuits prophet 600, stylophone) and (Jonathan Coe: percussion). Over five untitled jams, Tender Meat pitches their frenetic electronic onrush to the rafters, discharging earworms at a pace that could only exist in a digital epoch such as ours.

Tender Meat

Live At The Ritz (The Ritz On The Fritz)

Format CS
Catalog Number MG017
Edition 150
Side A

1. Untitled I
2. Untitled II

Side B

1. Untitled III
2. Untitled IV
3. Untitled V


Suzanne Pfutzenreuter