Velvet Davenport returns with White Blue, their first release following a collaboration with Ariel Pink and Gary War that led to a well-praised 7” in addition to a tune featured on Moon Glyph’s very own Regolith Vol. 1. Starker in production than its predecessors, White Blue calls attention to the group’s contemplative side – evident in the wistful tracks “Never Ending Days Beginning” and “White Blue.” While the lyrical content on Velvet Davenport’s previous MG release, Lemon Drop Square Box, concerned itself with the mythical, this release captures fragments of the Human Relationship, processing the timeless songwriter trope through a haze that is more crystalline than it is vaporous. Ever the craftsmen, Parker Sprout continues to refine his palate of vivid pop wonder.

Velvet Davenport

White Blue

Format CS
Catalog Number MG15
Edition 200
Side A

1. Checking In
2. Never Ending Days Beginning
3. Infinite Overture
4. White Blue

Side B

1. Sitcaster
2. When You Are Out
3. Checking Out


Parker Sprout