Percolating out of the ether, Capricorn Vertical Slum’s “Various Portals…” materializes within a wash of sonic detritus. The record feints at racket and din before emerging with the glam stomp of “Palatial Estates in Wallpaper.” And from then on the album subverts expectations and matches every haywire moment with a songwriting gem. An unwanted love child of Ian Hunter and a CB radio, Colin Johnson (formerly of Vampire Hands) sneaks feral and fun hooks that pop in weird places, enriched by a stratum of roiling noise. At 24 minutes, Vol.1 is hopefully a wink at more to come – it has to be, we need more music like this.

Capricorn Vertical Slum

Various Portals And Sleazo Inputs Vol.1: Tourism



Format CS
Catalog Number MG13
Edition 150
Side A

1. Desert Dreams
2. Tangerine Gowns (The Ballad of King Oranj Licht)
3. White Legs
4. Palatial Estates in Wallpaper

Side B

1. White Gloves
2. The Best Cocaine in the Canyon
3. Two Cathedrals
4. Period Days


Steve Rosborough