Larry Wish makes outsider pop, even if the term “outsider pop” is a complete contradiction of terms. But judging from the music on Crazy Taxi Cool, one might imagine that terms or tags or descriptions mean very little to somebody as uncompromising in their unconventionality as Mr. Wish. Over 80 minutes in length, “Crazy Taxi Cool” is a stellar exemplification of oddball concentration showcasing art-damaged hurdy-gurdies, pitch bent synth lines, uneasy drones, canned percussion and claustrophobic intonations. Crazy Taxi Cool is not for everyone, hell, it might not be for anyone, but that is exactly what makes this music incredibly special and important.

Larry Wish

Crazy Taxi Cool

Format CS
Catalog Number MG12
Edition 100
Side A

1. Tun Dra Sun
2. Ning Nong PTA
3. I Hung My Only Daughter On My Birthday
4. The Atlantis
5. The Perfect Human At The Cockpit Show/Mann
6. The Flood
7. Picture Perfect Grey
8. Heaven On Earth/Lonely Dad
9. The Phantom Sang
10. Pet
11. School Bully
12. Race The Humans/Riding Around… That Man
13. Bison Bison
14. Sugar Farm
15. King & Prince

Side B

1. Spring Awakens A Ning Nong
2. Zion
3. Abel & Cain/Stepdad
4. When Somebody Loves You
5. Twits
6. HiFive
7. Dreaming Of Babylon
8. Hevinn
9. Medley
10. Once Again
11. Large Chair
12. As Boys Go By
13. Traveling Family Man (Part Two)


Steve Rosborough