Gloam is the first solo record by Minneapolis-based saxophonist Cole Pulice. Cole plays in Iceblink, toured with Bon Iver and has worked with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mild High Club, amongst others. Gloam is an album of audio holograms for tenor saxophone and hardware, recorded live without overdubs. Clusters of orbiting tones drift through empty space, languidly shifting and morphing between colors and shapes, like fractals within a kaleidoscope or fragments of stained glass in a rock tumbler. It’s a collection of electroacoustic lullabies for holodecks, interstellar rest stops and cryo-chambers. He was influenced by light prisms, Samuel Delaney’s speculative fiction, the Synchromism art movement and electroacoustic ambient environments.

Gloam is informed by liminal cycles, spaces of limbo, and timeslip. Cole’s circadian rhythm disorder manifests in sleep-wake cycles that seem to collapse the boundary between “days”; sunsets and sunrises coalescing into one another, ad infinitum.

Cole Pulice


Format CS
Catalog Number MG103
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Lymns
2. Sleep Helix
3. Bone Prisms

Side B

1. Neurochrome
2. Arc of Shadows
3. Bloom

Cole Pulice

Saxophone & Hardware


Daryl Groetsch
Steve Rosborough

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Sound of Music in St. Paul, MN
w/ Andrew Thoreen
Production + Processing by Lynn Avery

Ecstatomatic in St. Louis Park, MN
w/ Chris Cunningham

April Base in Eau Claire, WI
w/ Justin Andersen
Electric Guitar by Adam Zahller

8vB in Minneapolis, MN
w/ Alex Simpson

8vB in Minneapolis, MN
w/ Alex Simpson

Recorded in Minneapolis MN
w/ Patrick Marschke
Custom signal processing application
developed by Alana Horton + Patrick Marschke