Crystal Myslajek has been a steady force in the Minneapolis underground music community for years, notably in the groups IE and Brute Heart. Cove is her first truly solo endeavor, wherein she composed and played each element. The music is comprised of delicate interlocking piano cycles, layered vocals, uncluttered synthesizer pads and subtle melodic hooks. Cove was conceived over a year and a half, recorded at home and more formally on a grand piano. The entire creative process coincided with the birth of her second child. The resulting music is as beautiful, soulful and intimate as all that connotes.

Crystal Myslajek




Format CS
Catalog Number MG095
Edition 150 + download
Side A

1. Cove
2. Night Vision
3. Rama

Side B

1. Trespassers
2. Lost Light
3. Silver Moon

Crystal Myslajek

Vocals, piano and synthesizer

Written and performed
Mixed & Mastered

Crystal Myslajek
Crystal Myslajek & John Marks
John Marks